Mahjoub highlighted at Ecumenical Good Friday Walk for Justice


April 19, 2014 by admin

10153899_10152324396469354_5098189643610003055_n_2 The Ecumenical Good Friday Walk for Justice, held yesterday in Toronto, made at stop at the Federal Court to highlight the ongoing injustice of immigration security certificates.

Murray Lumley, active in Justice for Mahjoub Network and Christian Peacemaker Teams (CPT), read a litany and distributed flyers with information about Mr. Mahjoub.

murray 26 juneThe litany began,

Open our eyes

To the trials in secret courts

To the hidden agenda of racism and Islamophobia

To the unholy power of the security state

God of Justice, open our eyes …

Read full Good Friday Secret Trial Litany here.

26 June, International Day against Islamophobia and Indefinite Detention of Immigrants:


April 13, 2014 by admin

Free Mohammad Mahjoub Now!


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Egyptian refugee and torture survivor Mohammad Mahjoub has been jailed and detained for 14 years in Canada because he is profiled as a Muslim. His supporters are calling for an international day of solidarity on June 26, 2014, marking 14 years of administrative detention. See background below.

::Ideas for local actions::

On June 26th 2014, we are coordinating creative actions across Canada and in cities around the world to denounce Islamophobia and indefinite detention of all immigrants. We are calling for actions that highlight the amount of time Mohammad Mahjoub has been fighting to clear himself from this horrible Security Certificate ordeal.

Here are some suggestions for actions and numbers you can play with, to create your own local action:

# of years = 14 ————> a 14-hour fast outside a Canadian embassy
# of months = 168 ———-> 168-person flash mob action in a Canadian immigration office (!) or 14 people freeze for 12  minutes outside a Canadian Border Services Office
# of days = 5110 ———–> a 5110-link chain wound around a symbol of Canada
# of hours = 122,640 ——-> 122,640 pieces of confetti, flyers or symbolic objects to be released/dropped/shared
# of minutes = 7,358,400 —> *yikes* if you can think of something, let us know!

**For the larger numbers – try dividing the time up equally among a number of people – see example in the # of months above.

Note: these are just examples! Use your creativity! Posters around the city, dropping or releasing objects, signs, vigils, other actions: all welcome!

INTERESTED IN PARTICIPATING? GET IN TOUCH WITH US We can send posters, flyers, images, press release, and background documents.


VIPIRG Supports Mohammad Mahjoub


December 19, 2013 by admin

index“The situation facing Mr. Mahjoub is unacceptable. The Vancouver Island Public Interest Research Group calls for the immediate release of Mohammad Mahjoub, and an end to the repressive Canadian security certificate regime. VIPIRG stands in solidarity with Mohammad Mahjoub and his supporters.”

To read the whole statement, click here!

13 years too many! Strategizing against Mohammad Mahjoub’s security certificate


December 16, 2013 by admin

Strategy meeting in Toronto on January 16, 2013

Planning to attend? Email us and we’ll send you the details.

Can’t attend? Please email us your ideas and the ways in which you can contribute to the campaign (including networks you can connect us to) by 14 January.

The Federal Court recently upheld the security certificate against Mohammad Mahjoub who has been held under the certificate for over 13 years without being charged with any crime. The Federal Court has recognized that Mr. Mahjoub’s Charter rights have been breached time and again over the years but will not do anything to protect those rights. Mr. Mahjoub’s life has been left in the hands of CSIS and the CBSA, the very agencies who have taken his rights away.


QPIRG Concordia supports Mahjoub


December 13, 2013 by admin

indexThe recent refusal of a Federal court to lift Mohammad Mahjoub’s security certificate is outrageous.  The court has found that Mr. Mahjoub’s constitutional right to a fair trial was violated under the security certificate system, yet has nevertheless upheld the same abusive system to which Mr. Mahjoub has been subject for the past 13 years.  This decision only serves to lay bare the shameless hypocrisy of the Canadian “justice” system, which claims to provide justice for all while selectively targeting the most racialized and precarious among us.