Actions across Canada call for freedom for Mahjoub, Jaballah & Harkat and an end to immigration detention


December 6, 2012 by admin

Media Advisory

Pan-Canada Media Contact: 514 222 0205 or

Actions are being organized across Canada on December 9th & 10th to demand freedom for security certificate detainees Mohammad Mahjoub, Mohamed Harkat and Mahmoud Jaballah and an end to immigration detention.

December 10th marks the 10th year anniversary of Mohamed Harkat’s arrest under an immigration security certificate. Mr. Mahjoub will be in court the following day in a bid to end his 12 and a half years of immigration detention. Bill C-31 – which will see more immigrants detained for longer periods – will come into effect at the end of the same week. December 10th is also International Human Rights Day.

Mr Mahjoub and Mr Jaballah’s family members will be in Toronto, while Mr Harkat will be in Toronto.

Mohammad Mahjoub

“I have been imprisoned without charge or trial for over twelve years.  I’ve suffered an attempted sexual assault, contracted Hepatitis C in prison, I was denied medical treatment in prison. My release has been to a home turned into a worse prison with surveillance cameras and special doors, outings by authorization, 24-hour accompaniment, and curfews. To this day, I wear a tracking bracelet wherever I go. Yet, my hands are far, far cleaner than the hands of the Canadian and Egyptian officials involved in my case. Its time that I am freed, and the real culprits, CSIS, the Ministers of Immigration and Public Safety, CBSA and the Department of Justice lawyers, are held accountable.”

Mahmoud Jaballah

“I came to Canada as a refugee from Egypt expecting to find safety and freedom for my family. Instead, my freedom was taken away without any charge, just like Mubarak did. For more than eleven years now I have been in prison or under stringent conditions because of a security certificate based on secret evidence.  My children had to grow up without me. This is what hurts me the most. Always I wonder how this can happen in a country like Canada?”

Abeer Majeed (No One Is Illegal – Toronto) – Backgrounder on immigration detention:

“Yesterday we heard that the Conservative government wants to lock up 35 children in Quebec simply for the crime of being immigrants. As Bill C-31, dubbed the Refugee Exclusion Act, gets fully implemented this week even more adults and children will be unfairly jailed, over a third of them in provincial prisons. It is abundantly clear that security certificate detention is extreme but it is only one part of a repugnant system that routinely imprisons people, indefinitely, for the arbitrary reason that they weren’t born in Canada.”

Details of actions and media contacts for each city: 

Toronto: Dec 9th, 2:45pm, Press briefing by Mr. Mahjoub & Mr Jaballah’s family members at 3pm at 180 Queen West followed by caravan to Immigration Holding Centre at 385 Rexdale Boulevard. Contact: Abeer Majeed at 647.928.5729

Ottawa: Dec 10th, 10am, Mr Harkat’s supporters will do a visual presentation/rally on Parliament Hill. Contact: Christian Legeais, Justice for Mohamed Harkat Committee, 613-276-9102.

Montreal: Dec 10th, 10am, Rally at Laval Immigration Prevention Centre on Dec. 10th. Colourful car convoy leaves Rosemont metro at 9am. Contact: Amy Darwish, People’s Commission Network, 514 992 1662

Halifax: Dec 10th, 5pm, Solidarity info-picket outside Spring Garden Library. Contact: Angela Day, No One Is Illegal Halifax, 902-880-8592

Vancouver: Dec 9th, 4:30pm, International Human Rights Day Candlelight Vigil at Vancouver Art Gallery – Robson Square side. Contact: Imtiaz Popat, Siraat, 604 715-4816

Calgary: Dec 9th, 1pm, Info-Picket at 615 MacLeod Trail Southeast. Contact: Anti-Racist Action Calgary, 403-999-1788

Saskatoon: Dec 9th, 1pm, Letter writing at the 20th Street Library. Contact: Beth Smillie, 306-229-4908


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