Mahjoub: An end in sight?

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November 1, 2012 by admin

Update and Call to Action

Mr. Mahjoub’s long struggle for justice and freedom is once again entering a critical phase. Much will take place over the next few months and the Justice for Mahjoub Network is calling for support actions across the country. Please read and forward and let us know how you can support.

This past September, public pressure and Mr. Mahjoub’s lawyers succeeded in turning the court into a veritable trial of Canadian officials implicated in security certificate cases. First, Stockwell Day, who signed the certificate against Mr. Mahjoub and four others, was forced to testify about his knowledge of the use of torture information in the case. Next, and thanks to the courage of the Egyptian people who overthrew the Mubarak regime, Egyptian human rights lawyer Magdy Salem was able to show up the fallaciousness of the blood-soaked information that Canadian officials have relied on to persecute Mr. Mahjoub these twelve long years.

Now, over the next months, Mr. Mahjoub’s lawyers will argue that the court should finally throw out the manifestly unreasonable security certificate against Mr. Mahjoub. At the same time, the Justice for Mahjoub Network will be working to mobilize public support for Mr. Mahjoub, whose struggle is not for himself alone, but for all Muslims and Arabs who have been targetted in the so-called war on terror, and for all migrants who are subject to arbitrary, indefinite detention in Canada.

Here are our plans (we need your support!):

NOVEMBER: TURNING THE TABLES ** note changed dates!

In November, our focus will be on holding government officials accountable for all the crimes committed against Mr. Mahjoub, as one of many Canadian victims of the “war on terror”. In court, through the media, and on the streets, we’ll be exposing the myriad abuses – racial profiling, use of torture-obtained information, destroyed evidence, breach of solicitor-client privilege, stealing defence documents, more – that have marked Mr. Mahjoub’s 12-year case and insisting that those responsible be held accountable. We demand an end to Islamophobic and racist immigration and security laws in the war of terror against people of colour and Muslims.

— Put some time aside on 26 November to respond to a call for action that will come out that day!

— If you are in Toronto, please sign up for a shift of court solidarity the week of 26 to 30 November: doodle here.


In December, our focus will turn to the indefinite, arbitrary detention of Mohammad Mahjoub, the other two security certificate detainees Mohamed Harkat and Mahmoud Jaballah, and more generally of refugees and immigrants in Canada. With the full implementation of Bill C-31 in December, and with C-43 being pushed forward, increasing numbers of migrants will find themselves behind bars in Canada. December 10th marks the 10th year anniversary of the arrest of Mohamed Harkat ( Mahjoub will also be in court that day in Toronto for a detention review, once again calling on the judge to free him from over twelve years of arbitrary, indefinite detention. And it is International Human Rights Day!

In Toronto, Mr. Mahjoub will lead a rally outside the Immigration Detention Centre on 9 December (details to come). We are encouraging people from across Southern Ontario to join us. To get involved in organizing it, please email

We are calling for a pan-Canadian day of action against immigration detention on or around 10 December. If you can organize a workshop, info-picket or action in your community, please email us at we can provide flyers, media release, and other support.

— If you are in or near Toronto, please come out for a shift of court solidarity on 11 December at 180 Queen St. W.


In November and December, Mr. Mahjoub is available to speak in classrooms in the Toronto area, while in February, he plans to embark on a cross-Canada speaking tour. Since he began speaking out last May, his talks about his experiences in prison have moved audiences to tears and brought people to their feet in standing ovations. Speaking out is a way of holding the government accountable for their actions, breaking the silence about the oppression of Muslims, Arabs and migrants in Canada and fighting against the injustice of immigration detention.

— Video of Mr. Mahjoub speaking in Ottawa on “Five Years after Charkaoui v. Canada” panel

— If you are interested in hosting a speaking event in November, December or February, please contact us at

We very much look forward to be in touch with you in the next crucial months. Please join our mailing list by emailing and our facebook page at

On towards victory!

in solidarity,
Justice for Mahjoub Network

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